Problems We Solve

Misplaced Records

Personnel Turnover, and Misplaced Records cost you. Every organization experiences “turnover” of personnel. When office mangers, business managers, and general managers leave, many of the contract records are lost or misplaced costing companies thousands of dollars.

Unwanted Price Increases

Purchasing assistants report “We were hit with automatic price increases and we don’t know why or how much?” Additional comments state: “We were unable to verify the price that was negotiated”.

Poor Service

Are you stuck in a contract? Many companies report that they are getting poor service from certain vendors, but can not find a way out of the contract. In many instances, an automatic rollover has occurred and the company had no chance to re-negotiate a better deal or look for a better service provider.

The VendorTraQ System
The VendorTraQ System

About VendorTraQ

VendorTraQ is a full service contract management and quality reporting company . It provides a turnkey solution for managing vendor contracts, agreements, insurance policies, warranties, leaseholds, as well as quality in representation, quality of work, and billing accuracy.

VendorTraQ started as a vendor consolidation and agreement hosting service offering for automotive dealerships. It became increasingly apparent that private country clubs, churches, collision centers, small and medium sized businesses needed a way to manage their vendor agreements and way to track the quality of service, along with billing errors.

VendorTraQ services Fortune 100 clients as well as local professionals such as your golf club, health club and medical groups. The service is very cost effective and affordable.

VendorTraQ is a subsidiary of Worldwide Competitive Edge LLC.

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