All too often when entering into an agreement, there are good intentions made by both parties. The janitorial company has promised that they will clean the windows every week as part of their service. The uniform company has promised to install new name badges. This may not be possible at the price that they have quoted. VendorTraQ makes it possible for companies to have immediate access to the terms and pricing when questions on services or billing arise. Many of our clients have used their VendorTraQ “quality of service and pricing” events report to help them with vendor negotiations at renewal time. A Quality of Service Performance addendum can be added to the agreement to give it some “teeth”, like those similar to a three strikes rule. The company has the option for early termination in the event of excessive improper representation, quality of work or billing accuracy.

Quality of Work

Is that copy machine always breaking down? Does the maintenance department dispatch a technician in a responsive time? Has your vendor failed to meet your staff’s expectations? A simple call to VendorTraQ’s 24/7 toll free Quality Reporting Hotline will document and send client concerns to the company’s designated quality manager the vendor, and the VendorTraQ reporting department. We are the only company that e-mails both a wave file (voicemail file) and written communication of the issue called in by the client. These events are stored in the client’s secured database under the vendor’s quality performance record.

Billing Accuracy

Do the invoices that the vendor has mailed to your accounts payable department always match the price that was negotiated on the agreement? How does your accounts payable clerk know how much to pay? Hidden service charges are all too common. Most price increases are hidden on the back page of an invoice and it is the company’s obligation to find it and file an objection within 10-15 days, otherwise it becomes binding. A major grocery chain estimates that it cost $18.15 to have their account department process a vendor invoice. If the invoice is incorrect and needs correction it could cost as much as $30 or more to interact with the vendor to adjust the bills and reprocess for payment. The VendorTraQ system ensures you have the details accessible to make sure the vendors are charging the correct prices and saves hundreds of dollars in account efficiencies and prevents thousands of dollars in overcharges.

Vendor Quality

The VendorTraQ system utilizes advanced technology to capture quality of service and performance reports. The process monitors vendor performance in three key areas: Representation, Quality of Work, and Billing Accuracy. Incidents and compliments are entered into a database for future use and e-mails are sent to the appropriate parties for immediate action.

The Incident Capture Process

1. An incident, issue or compliment is called into VendorTraQ (888) YOU-TRAQ.

3. Incidents and compliments are entered into VendorTraQ database for future reporting.

2. VendorTraQ incident tracking center receives and tags as Representation, Quality, or Billing.

4. E-mail to appropriate party (audio file). Hear the incident in your employees own words!

What We TraQ

Leases & Maintenance Agreements

  • Copiers
  • Computers
  • Vehicles
  • Credit Card Authorization Equipment
  • Shop Equipment
  • Phone Systems Music on Hold
  • Vending Machines

Service Agreements

  • Uniforms & Linen Services
  • Web Services
  • Sales Leads Services
  • Local and Long Distance Plans
  • Solid Waste Agreements
  • Janitorial & Landscape
  • Shipping Services
  • Indoor Plant Services
  • Cellular Phones & Pagers
  • Light & Sign Maintenance
  • Storage Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Alarm Monitoring Services
  • Security Services

Real Estate Agreements

  • Option Contracts
  • Land leases and mineral rights
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Lease or Rental Agreements
  • Eviction Notices

Insurance Policies

  • General Liability
  • Rental
  • Umbrella
  • Workers Compensation
  • Benefits Automobile

Licenses / Certifications

  • Business Licenses
  • Hazardous Material Certifications
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Corporate or LLC renewals
  • Fictitious Business Name Postings
  • Elevator Certification

Contract Management

We create a process that will change the way an organization maintains and leverages their written vendor agreements forever. This process will help eliminate confusion and unnecessary operating costs caused by billing errors, unexpected price increases, and incorrect service levels. Our early notification process on expiration dates avoids automatic renewals and allows both parties to renegotiate new terms that match current needs with competitive pricing.

  1. VendorTraQ starts with a detailed customer analysis to ensure that all the vendor relationships that impact their business are documented. This ensures that VendorTraQ has secured all agreements and that expiration notification dates are accurately set.
  2. VendorTraQ coordinates the collection of all vital documents. If an agreement is missing, VendorTraQ contacts the vendors and verifies that all the terms and conditions are validated.
  3. All Agreement documentation is scanned and archived in the secure VendorTraQ on-line database for easy access 24/7. The database allows easy access to all the necessary details about the agreements that foster improved communication, service and billing processes.
  4. VendorTraQ’s e-mail notification system sends 3 alarm notices at 90-60-30 days prior to the expiration date for each agreement. E-mail alerts are sent to the designated management. Clients appreciate this early notification process to allow adequate time to research and negotiate a new service agreement. This process has proven to save thousands of dollars for clients and eliminate the frustration of missed deadlines.