Success Stories

Preventing Expensive Automatic Rollovers

A large automotive group purchased a dealership that was paying $950 per month for electronic sign maintenance. The dealership obtained a lower quote for the same work. They did not have a copy of their agreement. VendorTraQ obtained a copy of the agreement. The agreement had been signed in 1997 by the General Manager for a five year term. It had an automatic rollover clause in the agreement which was activated in 2002 and ran for an additional three year term. VendorTraQ has since placed 90 day alarms on this vendor agreement to prevent this from ever happening again.

Preventing Nagging Quality of Service Problems

A large company with many branch offices encountered a lawsuit when they tried to cancel an indoor plant maintenance service. The vendor claimed that they owed them for 7 months of service after canceling their agreement due to an automatic rollover in their agreement. With VendorTraQ, the incident handling and quality reporting feature written into the future agreements will provide customers with protection allowing them to terminate agreements prior to the expiration date based on noncompliance.

Preventing Invoice Over Charges
A medium-sized hotel chain asked VendorTraQ to pull together all of the linen and garment contracts from each location. Soon after the agreements were obtained the management staff was shocked to see the number of price increases from the original negotiated prices. When asked about the discrepancies, the vendor stated that they were well within their rights because they had notified the hotel on the invoice copies. The so called “notification” was in fine print on the back of the last page of an invoice. Since the hotel did not have a copy of the original agreement, they could not verify the prices that were currently being invoiced. After implementing VendorTraQ, they are now able to catch price increases easily by comparing the invoice to contract pricing!